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Migrating from Nortel CS1000 to the Cloud

Are you still relying on a Nortel CS1000 system for your communication needs? Avaya recently announced the end of sales for the CS1000 and presented a timeline for sunsetting the system. While it may have been a dependable workhorse for many years, your legacy Nortel PBX will need to be replaced at some point, and the cloud offers viable alternatives that could save you time, money and frustration. However, switching from your Nortel CS1000 to a cutting-edge cloud-based solution can seem like a daunting task. Are the costs and potential disruptions associated with migrating to the cloud preventing you from retiring your Nortel system and realizing the benefits a cloud-based solution can offer?

Cloud-based communication solutions offer many advantages over your hardware-based Nortel system. Moving your users to the cloud gives them instant access to the latest and most advanced features, such as video and conferencing, while forgoing the expense, hassle, and disruptions that come with a major hardware upgrade. A cloud-based deployment can move an organization from a traditional Nortel PBX to a full-featured, state-of-the-art virtual PBX in a matter of days, as opposed to months, and at a much lower up-front cost when compared to the cost of upgrading your on-premises Nortel system. Best of all, cloud solutions are scalable and customizable, so they grow as your organization grows and evolve to suit your changing business needs.

For many organizations migrating to the cloud is a step by step process. Hybrid solutions enable you to take a phased approach that leverages your investments in your Nortel platform while realizing the benefits of the cloud. With a hybrid solution, you can deploy unified communication as a service (UCaaS) applications that integrate seamlessly with your Nortel PBX in the near term, as you migrate your entire phone system to the cloud over time.

There are several ways a hybrid solution can help your organization migrate from on-premises to the cloud. For example:

  • If your CS1000 is still serving you well but you are ready to take advantage of cloud functionality, you can host some applications in the cloud while using your Nortel system for others.
  • If your organization is spread across multiple physical locations, you can migrate branch workers to the cloud one location at a time while you maintain your Nortel system at your main office.
  • You can move users that require advanced features, such as knowledge workers, to the cloud now, while migrating users who only require basic telephony features when they are ready.
  • Taking advantage of subscription-based models for applications like contact centers or call recording, allowing voice services to be kept on-premises while chat, video, and conferencing are hosted in the cloud.


A phased approach to moving your organization to the cloud eliminates downtime and allows users to adopt new technologies over time. Migrating over time can help your organization build confidence in cloud-based solutions while you gradually retire your Nortel hardware. Taking a phased approach with a hybrid solution provides the functionality you need to keep your organization competitive today and ensure you stay competitive as you migrate your phone system to the cloud at your own pace.


Cerium has a long history of partnering with clients to migrate their on-premises systems to cloud-based solutions, as well as developing hybrid solutions that integrate advanced unified communication functionality with legacy PBXs. Our CIO engagement methodology ensures that our experts fully understand your communication and collaboration needs and design the solution that’s right for your organization. We provide solutions that are capable of things your Nortel PBX couldn’t even imagine.


Ready to make the move from your Nortel CS1000 to a secure, reliable, cost-effective cloud-based solution? Cerium can help bridge the gap between your legacy system and the advantages of advanced UC features and VoIP communications. Download our Nortel Migration Planning Guide and contact us to schedule a free Nortel upgrade consultation to get you started.

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