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Migrating from Avaya CallPilot to Officelinx - Cerium Networks

Migrating from Avaya CallPilot to IX Messaging

CallPilot Support and Security Concerns

It might be time to consider transitioning from your existing CallPilot deployment to a secure, flexible, scalable, and feature-rich messaging platform. CallPilot has already reached End-of-Sales for new systems, and End-of-Software-Support and End-of-Hardware Support dates are rapidly approaching. As Avaya support for CallPilot dwindles, the cost of supporting your legacy system will continue to rise.

Additionally, Microsoft has discontinued support and security updates for CallPilot’s supported operating system, Windows Server 2003. According to Microsoft Support “If you are running Windows Server 2003, your applications and business may be at risk.” In addition to the security risks, many compliance requirements include being on an operating system that is currently supported by the manufacturer. So, you are not just missing out on all the advanced features of a next-generation messaging solution; you may be putting your organization at risk of cybersecurity attacks or penalties for non-compliance.


Avaya IX Messaging

If you are exploring options for transitioning from CallPilot to a secure, supported messaging solution, Avaya IX MMessaging may be the answer. IX Messaging lets you access and manage voice messages and incoming faxes from your email, without leaving your inbox. It supports listening to messages right from your computer or smartphone, and speech-to-text transcription services so that you can simply read your messages.

IX Messaging is a highly interoperable, scalable, and secure cloud or premises-based messaging solution. It integrates seamlessly with Meridian 1, Communication Server 1000, SL-100, and Communication Server 2100 solutions, so there’s no need to upgrade your existing PBX. However, when you are ready to migrate to a new phone system, IX Messaging will transition with you. It integrates with any SIP or TDM based phone system. IX Messaging mailbox licenses are an entitlement of Avaya Aura Communication Manager ‘Core’ user licenses, or you can choose Avaya Aura Messaging or IP Office’s voicemail environment and use ASIPP licensing. Additionally, if your organization has more than one PBX, IX Messaging works across multiple phone systems simultaneously, providing users with the same voice messaging system regardless of which voice platform they are using.

IX Messaging eliminates complex licensing; a single software license delivers messaging, auto attendant, IVR, and call trees. It reduces capital expenditure, replacing aging hardware with 100% software-based, virtual-capable solution. With IX Messaging, legacy messaging systems can be consolidated with one single software solution that’s multi-tenanted and has a multi-concurrent PBX integration, with support for Google, Salesforce, Office 365 and Skype for Business.


Enhanced User Experiences

IX Messaging is a robust engagement platform that embeds unified messaging and real-time communication tools inside cloud-based business applications. It enables you to repurpose existing maintenance budgets allocated for CallPilot and invest them in a next generation team engagement solution. IX Messaging offers all the popular voicemail and unified messaging features essential for seamless collaboration experiences. It provides a simple, accessible web portal for administration and a handy web-based portal for end-users to manage their messaging.


IX Messaging Support for Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft announced that customers subscribing to Office 365 for email and unified messaging will no longer be able to connect on-premise or cloud PBX’s directly to their Exchange online account. This move permanently eliminates unified messaging unless the entire solution is moved to Skype for business under their calling plans. If you are not ready or don’t want to move your current phone system to Skype for Business, Avaya IX Messaging provides a seamless solution without making any changes to your existing platform. You can add Avaya IX Messaging to any Avaya or non-Avaya solution to seamlessly integrate with MS Office 365 for Unified messaging with its direct API integration to the full Office 365 cloud suite.


Migrating from Avaya CallPilot to IX Messaging

Interested in migrating from Avaya CallPilot to IX Messaging? Cerium can help you leverage your existing CallPilot technology and licensing, while minimizing your investments and expenses as you transition to Avaya’s next-generation messaging, application-enabled platform. Cerium can minimize your costs and disruptions to your organization migrating to IX Messaging with deployments that:

  • Leverage existing Meridian 1/CS 1000/SL-100/CS2100, or integrate with almost any PBX including PBX’s from Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, or Microsoft.
  • Deliver messaging (voice, fax, UM), auto attendant, IVR, and call trees with a single license.
  • Retain your existing user experiences and user interface. IX Messaging supports a customizable telephone user interface (TUI) and includes the CallPilot TUI by default.
  • Consolidate multiple messaging systems across your network and replace them with a single software solution, multi-tenanted, and multi-concurrent PBX integration.
  • Future proof for migration to the cloud with support for Google, Salesforce, Office 365 and Skype for Business.
  • Support legacy CallPilot contact center integration with features that ensure business continuity for CallPilot/call center implementations, including “MLink”; “Access”; and “GiveIVR”.


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