Meet Nick Brinkley, IT Apprentice

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About Nick

What led you to a job at Cerium Networks?
The opportunity to work as an IT engineer apprentice is what led me to this position. I liked how the program consisted of getting hands on experience, the chance to work for a couple crucial certifications, and learning more about the networking side of IT.

What is your favorite part of working in Technology?
Working in IT is receiving a multitude of problems and helping troubleshoot what the problem is and how to fix it. It is almost like an everyday puzzle that is new and exciting to figure out. The same goes with IT, I love problem solving issues and creating happiness in customers when the issue is finally fixed.

Outside of technology, what is your dream job?
My dream job is actually in technology as well, but not networking specific. My dream is to work in security whether that is in pen testing, security engineering, or a simple red/blue team environment. I have quickly learned in college that security is a passion I contain. Hopefully in the near future, I can make that dream into a reality with Cerium Networks.

What is your favorite thing about working at Cerium?
I love the environment I work in. My team is super considerate of others and help each other out when needed. My manager is very active and involved within our team and helps out tremendously when needed. Overall, it’s a very involved environment and I am happy to be a part of it.

What do you do when you’re not at work?
When I am not at work or studying for certifications, I love to fish and hang out with friends on my downtime. I have also recently picked up a fishing kayak, so I am hoping I get some time to fit some camping/kayaking in this summer!

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Probably cliff jumped into a river in Ellensburg! There were a lot of runner ups, but this was probably the most dangerous activity.

What is something most people don’t know about you?
I am really interested in cars! Anything from JDM cars, drift cars, and classic cars are things that peak my interest. One of my future goals is to get an older RX-7 or GTR in the future. I would love to have a project car and work on it; however, I don’t have the time or money to do so right now.

What is your favorite TV show or movie?
My favorite TV show that I am watching right now would be Mr. Robot on Amazon Prime. It is about a cyber security engineer who is also a hacker that suffers from multiple disorders. The TV show is really interesting as it goes through the main characters mind of his thought processes on hacking, mental disorders, and other sorts of attributes.

Who is your idol?
I personally do not have an idol.

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