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Avaya IX

Avaya IX Messaging Architecture

With the impending retirement of Exchange UM online just around the corner, (Feb. 2020), its time to start seriously planning for the next steps depending on your situation. We take a look at the Avaya IX Messaging (formally Officelinx) – a strong option for your migration strategy.

In this video, J & Tobin discuss architecture of Avaya IX Messaging.

IX Messaging may be Avaya’s Next Generation messaging platform, but has been around for many years and is a very mature platform. It integrates with many pbx’s including Nortel CS1000, Avaya Aura & IP Office, Cisco, and Mitel.

With IX Messaging, Avaya has moved to a Windows server architecture which is great for Active directory integration and it increases the scale of how many servers it supports.

Customers that are on the CS1000 with Call Pilot, this is a really easy way for you to transition to a newer, supported voicemail system.

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