Extend the Functionality of Your Unified Communication and Collaboration Solutions with Cerium Bots and Snap-ins

Extend the Functionality of Your Unified Communication and Collaboration Solutions with Cerium Bots and Snap-ins

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Cerium’s experienced development team designs, develops, and delivers a variety of tools, bots, and snap-ins for customizing and extending the capabilities of your communication and collaboration systems. As technology evolves at breakneck speeds, these intelligent modular components can play an essential role augmenting your existing solutions and helping you keep pace with your competitors. 

Avaya, Microsoft, and Cisco, among others, understand the need for bots, snap-ins, and custom tools to enhance their offerings. Accordingly, they expose interfaces and distribute software development kits (SDKs) that empower third party developers. The SDKs ease the creation of powerful plug-in modules that provide additional functionality to bridge the gaps between the myriad of disparate hardware and software that often reside in the same environment, and customize solutions to accommodate unique workflows.

Cerium takes full advantage of these development platforms to customize applications to make your workers more productive and enable new experiences for your end users. Our expertise developing bots and snap-ins is extensive and growing.  Cerium is an Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner and our engineers have obtained Avaya Breeze Expert (ABE) and Cisco Spark Ambassador certifications. Additionally, we contribute compelling custom applications through the Avaya DevConnect Marketplace and the Cisco Spark Depot.

“Our Software Development Practice has become the go-to entity for many of our customers for functionality that others have been unable or unwilling to create. Customers are using these customizations for leveraging their previous investments alongside new technologies, specifically for streamlining business workflows, employee productivity, and/or crafting a differentiating experience for their customers” according to Edie Apke, Director of Cerium’s Software Development Practice.

Avaya—It’s a Breeze to Customize

Avaya Breeze™ provides developers with the tools they need to design, create and deploy advanced team and customer engagement services. It exposes a rich set of Java APIs and an SDK for building modular services that “snap-in” to the Avaya Aura platform. Breeze enables developers with little advanced communication expertise, to define workflows that exploit the capabilities of Avaya Breeze to execute their business processes.

Breeze facilitates building customized and innovative user experiences, with the mix and match functionality of Avaya’s extensive unified communications, collaboration and multi-touch capabilities.  For example, J Zucchetto, Cerium’s Avaya Solutions Practice Lead, describes one customization project. “We are currently investigating a custom colored softphone screen interface for a health care customer that responds to a code-blue call uniquely. When the code blue call comes in, the app changes the line appearance to blue so that end users have immediate understanding of the priority level of the incoming call.”

There are several pre-built snap-ins included with the SDK, or made available through the Avaya DevConnect Marketplace, that expose their own set of APIs. For example; the Engagement Call Control Snap-in provides a set of RESTful APIs for call control and voice messaging.

Cerium launched its first Snap-In in the Avaya DevConnect Marketplace, the Cerium Power BI Connector, which makes call data reporting possible for Power BI users. The Power BI Connector integrates call data with a Power BI streaming dataset allowing for real-time reporting, as well as weekly and monthly reporting. Power BI reports can be customized to represent the metrics you want to see.

“Being an Avaya DevConnect member enables access to Avaya’s Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Program Interfaces (APIs), community and basic support, as well as access to online remote labs, such as the Avaya Breeze Collaboratory for Snap-in testing. This allows us to ensure that our new Snap-ins are able to be created and tested,” says Edie.

Cisco Spark Depot—Work Smarter

The Cisco Spark Depot enables the development of integrations and bots that deliver customizable experiences that unleash the power behind Spark and extends the Spark experience. Integrations bring data in and/or out of Cisco Spark by asking for specific permissions and acting on behalf of the Cisco Spark user. Bots orchestrate services by responding to @mentions and acting like a Cisco Spark user.

The Cisco Spark Depot is a collaborative cloud platform exposing APIs focused primarily on room management and getting data in and out of Spark. Cisco reviews each submission to the Spark Depot, ensuring it addresses a key customer need, provides a great user experience, and passes Cisco testing before they list it in the Spark Depot. Cisco has stringent requirements for certification as a Spark Developer, and Cerium’s engineers have answered the call. Part of that certification included launching our first two Spark Depot submissions, the Cerium iCal Bot and the Cerium Traveler Bot.

The iCal Bot is a simple to use and intuitive addition to your Cisco Spark spaces that allows you to create and configure events for your email and calendar software. The iCal Bot produces a universal calendar file enabling you to add your Spark meeting to any calendar program, including Outlook and Windows 10 Calendar. Cerium’s Traveler Bot is a conversational Google Maps bot that provides human-like interactions to retrieve locations, directions, and images.

How Can Cerium Help You?

Developing and deploying snap-ins and bots takes time and experience. Which is why working with Cerium’s skilled developers on your project is a solid investment. Our development team is backed by a staff of designers, solutions analysts, engineers, and an experience managerial team, to ensure the quality and usability of our applications. Cerium’s development expertise is not restricted to bots and snap-ins. We have a long history of delivering intuitive applications that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers, including:

  • Integrating Skype for Business call data into Ambition marketing campaign software
  • Implementing Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) to access Avaya contact center call data to create custom reports
  • Troubleshooting applications for improving connection discovery and integration issues
  • SharePoint forms for general purpose business functions (PTO requests, Expense reporting)
  • Creating Microsoft PowerApps and Flow for automating SharePoint Online workflows

We look forward to hearing from you to explore how the Cerium software development team can increase your productivity and transform the way you engage with your customers. Call us to learn more about the Cerium development team or to get started improving your business by designing your custom application.


Cerium Bots & Snap-Ins

Power BI Connector

Cerium’s Power BI Connector is a free download from the Avaya DevConnect Marketplace, for integrating your call data with a Power BI Streaming Dataset to create real-time reports easily and efficiently.


iCal Bot

Available from the Cisco Spark Depot, Cerium’s ICal Bot is a simple to use and intuitive addition to your Cisco Spark spaces that allows you to create and configure events for your email and calendar software. Cerium won an innovation award for the iCal Bot



Available from the Cisco Spark Depot Cerium’s TravelerBot is a conversational Google Maps bot providing users with human-like interactions to retrieve locations,

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