Cybersecurity Policy Reviews

A cybersecurity policy provides the framework for protecting your organization’s most valuable resources and information. Without it, your organization cannot adequately protect itself from or prepare for today’s threats.

Having a robust cybersecurity policy in place helps ensure that your systems are utilized in an intended and safe manner by employees, contractors and other system users, and can help protect your organization against ever-evolving security threats. A well-written policy should cover a variety of critical security components that are either best practices or mandates by various industry regulations and compliance standards such as NIST, HIPAA, PCI, etc.

When you get a cybersecurity policy review from Cerium, our experienced security consultants will review your primary cybersecurity policy, and look for possible compliance deficiencies or any other risk factors identified in your current policy. We will then provide written recommendations for updates, and we’ll meet with you to walk through each recommended change to align your cybersecurity policy with the ever-changing security environment.

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Cerium includes a free cybersecurity policy review with the purchase of eligible products and services including:

  • Business resiliency, incident response or disaster recovery planning
  • Cisco Cloud/Appliance Email Security products
  • Cerium Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) products
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