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Slow Internet

Coping with Slow Internet for Remote Work Success

A slow connection can impact your Webex meeting significantly, decreasing efficiency and productivity. Here’s some advice on how to avoid total meeting meltdown.


1) Reduce Extraneous Streaming

If you’re sharing bandwidth with family members, ask if they can pause that episode of the Office they are watching, or download it during off-hours instead of streaming to save bandwidth during your meeting times. If sharing a work from home space with a partner, do your best to stagger your video meetings.


2) Reduce Background Apps

Close as many applications as possible that could be using bandwidth in the background. Keep your browser clear as well, except for the materials needed for your meeting.


3) Pick “Off” Times

Try meeting at off times, meaning not on the hour or half-hour. Schedule a meeting for 4:15 PM instead of 4 PM, or 12:45 instead of 1:00. Avoiding peak times helps minimize congestion that could affect the quality of your call.


4) Switch up your Audio

Try calling in on your phone using the dial-in option. Just make sure you mute the microphone and minimize volume on your computer for the best audio experience.


5) Last line of Defense: Turn Video Off

It is best for communication and productivity to keep video on; however, if all else fails and you are having connectivity issues, try turning off your video and your audio should clear up.


You can always test your connection using, which is a handy speed test that can help notify you of any issues with your connection before your meeting starts.

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