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Self-Service Bots

Self-service has been growing exponentially for the contact center, changing how companies communicate with customers and rerouting the customer experience for the business. While some see self-service technology as growing the distance between customers and the support leg of business, the trend indicates wide-ranging acceptance for this new form of help.

Discover how self-service chatbots help the customer journey and deliver a better experience for both agents and customers. 

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Self-Service Defined

Self-service is a form of customer care where there is no need to interact with a live agent or representative, and a customer can take action to solve their own queries. Digital self-service is a blend of customer-initiated interaction technologies that empower customers to service themselves.

Self service often comes in the form of chatbots, leading customers through a series of prompts to find the information they need or complete an action, such as adjusting billing dates, without the need to wait on hold or speak with an agent for a simple solution. There are other service forms for customers to communicate with a contact center, but bots are by far the most popular choice. 

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What are Customer Service Chatbots?

Chatbots, or bots, are automated applications designed to interact with the user in a dynamic way, simulating a human conversation as if speaking with an agent. By answering a series of simple questions in a chat, customers can access knowledge bases via the conversation and, thanks to AI, can have more complex conversations and the bots can complete more complex actions. Due to the AI chatbots that have been popularized, and arguably a customer expectation now, the bot can know when to search for an answer to a query or ask for more clarity via follow-up questions, or when the customer needs to speak with a live agent. Bots have become so advanced that it isn’t unusual for them to help complete transactions or perform operations like transferring money, all without a human agent. 

Benefits to Bots

There are two series of benefits that we’ll focus on for self-service chatbots, for the customer and for the business:

Benefits to the Customer

  • 24/7 Availability: with bots at the helm, a customer doesn’t need to worry if agents are available or when.
  • Responsiveness: Chatbots are able to handle thousands of customers simultaneously and instantly.
  • Consistency: Chatbots are programmed with the correct information with no room for fluctuating answers, enhancing the brand of your business.
  • Omnichannel opportunity: Bots are empowered with omnichannel support features, helping customers communicate with businesses beyond their own website, such as on social media channels.
  • Personalization: chatbots can be personalized to sound more natural within the flow of conversation, and even be programmed to respond in different languages. 

For the Business

  • Increasing customer engagement: customers tend to stay on a website longer when engaged with relevant and quick responses, and the bot helps to better drive engagement by operating on user data, becoming a better interactive experience.
  • Better Lead Generation: By asking relevant questions and directing customers as well as personalization features with bot software, they can better nurture and direct leads.
  • Cost Reduction: Implementing customer service chatbots helps reduce the costs of training, salaries, and the infrastructure to support numerous agents. 
  • Gaining Data: Bots are an excellent tool to track purchasing patterns and analyze consumer behaviors. 
  • Onboarding opportunity: Chatbots help customers in more ways than answering queries and solving simple issues. They can be used to help educate customers on new features or products, helping improve user adoption. 

Give Your Customers
Everything They Expect

Artificial Intelligence

With an AI-powered contact center, employees and customers can leverage the latest in AI and machine learning to achieve exactly what is needed in the moment.


Today’s consumer wants to connect using voice, chat, email, text, social, and self-service options. Provide a seamless experience across all devices and touchpoints.

Workforce Optimization

Workforce management (scheduling, forecasting, etc.) and quality management (call/screen recording, surveys & evaluations, etc.).


Chat with prospects and customers for personal, real-time interactions.

Reporting & Analytics

Visibility across all channels to ensure operation at peak performance and make data-driven business decisions.

User Adoption

Ensure a smooth transition and a quicker return on your investment with innovative user adoption strategies.

Integrations & Apps

Extend your contact center tech stack — from CRM integrations to fresh ways to use artificial intelligence and automation.


Give your customers 24/7 self-serve assistance with intelligent automation.

Contact Center Assessments

Cerium contact center assessments uncover new opportunities for revenue, reveal inefficiencies, and remove friction from your customer experience.

Implementing Chatbots

Self-service chatbots have greatly changed the customer experience while empowering them to control their own journey with your company. Using such software allows for opportunities to help customers in new ways, such as onboarding, and collecting data to not only better their experience with your support center but also to better your services or products.

With Cerium Networks, we provide solutions that are personalized across all touchpoints for customers and the agents who assist them. Discover how we implement self-service and bring its benefits to your company. 

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