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Integrations & Apps in the Contact Center

Contact centers must use a wide range of apps to better serve the customers and handle the volume of information they need access to. With different forms of communication required and all the apps used in a contact center, integrations are essential to provide top-tier service. 

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Integrating Apps as a Management Necessity

Contact centers can benefit from a wide range of app integrations that can provide greater ease of use, performance, efficiency, and communication for both the contact center agents and the customer. Specific advantages of having an integrated contact center solution for the array of apps used include: 

Better internal collaboration and communication

by having integrated tools in the contact center software, your agents are empowered to stay on the same page no matter the situation or subject of the customer's query. 

Greater customer journey management

the customer experience is dependent upon their journey and can make or break their affiliation with your company. By integrating the customer relationship management solution into your greater software, you gain valuable insight into their actions and the factors that drive their decisions, tailoring responses and processes to that information.  


Enterprise level capabilities at a lower cost

Add-on solutions add up, requiring greater training and maintenance resource costs on top of the additional fee for the enhanced app. For small to mid-sized companies, this can leave them behind with limited features. Integrations can connect the different apps for different purposes and save your company from add-on fees. 

Discover the Forms of Integration

We at Cerium have aligned with the best app and integration manufacturers in the industry. Discover our technology partners and how we integrate them into a unified contact center solution. 

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Streamline and Unify Information

By providing integration solutions for the apps used in your contact center, you’re embracing a new standard expected of customer service. You’re not only enhancing the customer journey, but you’re also empowering agents to deliver the best customer support they’re able to provide, increasing conversion, efficiency, and lowering costs.

With Cerium Networks, we provide contact center solutions that are personalized across all touchpoints for customers and the agents who assist them. Discover how we implement integration and bring its benefits to your contact center. 

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Give Your Customers
Everything They Expect

Artificial Intelligence

With an AI-powered contact center, employees and customers can leverage the latest in AI and machine learning to achieve exactly what is needed in the moment.


Today’s consumer wants to connect using voice, chat, email, text, social, and self-service options. Provide a seamless experience across all devices and touchpoints.

Workforce Optimization

Workforce management (scheduling, forecasting, etc.) and quality management (call/screen recording, surveys & evaluations, etc.).


Chat with prospects and customers for personal, real-time interactions.

Reporting & Analytics

Visibility across all channels to ensure operation at peak performance and make data-driven business decisions.

User Adoption

Ensure a smooth transition and a quicker return on your investment with innovative user adoption strategies.

Integrations & Apps

Extend your contact center tech stack — from CRM integrations to fresh ways to use artificial intelligence and automation.


Give your customers 24/7 self-serve assistance with intelligent automation.

Contact Center Assessments

Cerium contact center assessments uncover new opportunities for revenue, reveal inefficiencies, and remove friction from your customer experience.

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