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Contact Center User Adoption

Introducing a new platform or changing an existing product can be risky when a company is unsure about the potential for user adoption. A contact center can be on the front lines of determining user adoption rates through customer support knowledge, helping to determine the user adoption strategy a company should take. These rates help show the rates of adopting new features or products before risking customer loss, which is why it’s an important metric to measure. 

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What is User Adoption?

User adoption is also known as onboarding, the process of acclimating customers or new users to a product or service before they decide to keep using it. Onboarding is primarily applied to gauge whether customers like a new iteration or version of a product they’re using or a new product or service being offered. Customer, or user, adoption is used more heavily in technology companies as a guide in company growth and often includes:

  • Software as a service (SAAS)
  • Telecommunications
  • Media
  • Consumer technology
  • Financial services
  • E-commerce and retail
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The User Adoption Process Metrics

In order to determine the adoption rates, there are several metrics that can be tracked:

  • Time to first action: how long does it take for a customer to interact with the product? Using contact centers, you can discover how many people purchase your product after engaging with the company or an agent in a channel. 
  • Active users: tracking how many active users there are on a particular day or within a timeframe. 
  • Product adoption: the number of people that purchase or subscribe to your product, calculated by dividing the number of total signups by the number of new users. 
  • Time spent: tracking how long customers are using the product.
  • Net promoter score: this metric shows how likely customers are to recommend the product or service to others. 

Measuring User Adoption Strategies

User adoption strategy depends on the industry, new features, products, and services you’re introducing. There is a wide array of strategies to apply to determine how customers are reacting and if they’re adopting, but to measure the success of the strategy you have a few options in determining if those strategies are working:

What is the goal?

User adoption can mean a lot of things depending on the business or product. Essentially, what is success in your case?

Ask users.

Brainstorm, research, and ask users what needs to change about the service to drive adoption of it. This is another point where contact center agents can be helpful, helping to determine what needs to change to meet the goal previously determined. 


How to measure the metrics.

How to rate the adoption strategy is as important as the method to achieve it. There are several key performance indicators that can be helpful in discovering if the strategy is working with customers or not, such as those listed earlier. 

Tracking the metrics.

Deciding what metrics to track and the method to track them helps to understand how the implementation is going with customers, or if they're having any issues that could influence the adoption. 

Benefits of Greater User Adoption
to the Contact Center

The user adoption process can be a lot of setup and problem solving, but it’s a necessary rate to keep an eye on to grow the business and continue to satisfy customers. If adoption rates are high, that means customers find both value and ease in using the new product, feature, or service. If the rates are low, it could mean it’s too difficult to use and customers could prefer the older version.

Beyond discovering what your customers prefer and how best to satisfy their needs with a new product, feature, or service, higher adoption rates also give greater profit and growth through:

  • Lower customer marketing and retention costs
  • Less cost per acquisition
  • Better marketing return on investment
  • Higher customer lifetime value
  • Increased retention of customers
By investing in user adoption strategies in your contact center, you’re approaching customers with their thoughts in mind at the point of contact. With Cerium Networks, we provide contact center solutions that are personalized across all touchpoints for customers and the agents who assist them. Discover how we implement contact center adoption and bring its benefits to your company.

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