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Contact Center Assessments

Center agents are more than those who handle customer queries. They represent the company and the brand. Beyond the skills necessary to perform the duties of the position, the agents need to fit within the culture and brand identity. That fact, combined with the call center industry having one of the highest turnover rates, contact center assessments are both useful and can help reduce costs in training.

Discover how assessments can better the center’s turnover rate and help match the right call center representatives to your company. 

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What are Call Center Assessments?

An assessment test helps center employers identify a candidate’s skills and reasoning abilities during the hiring process, evaluating their overall personality and aptitude. The assessments help to test call center skills such as customer service, keyboarding, and problem-solving skills. Assessments vary from company to company, but the basic test is the same for all of them, meaning multiple choice question format to evaluate three primary categories:

  • Cognitive aptitude: this helps employers identify your problem-solving and reasoning skills.
  • Personality: call center skills require a dynamic personality that can smoothly adapt to workplace changes and difficult customers. This part of the assessment helps discern that.
  • Performance/Situational judgment: Assessments will include questions that present everyday work scenarios, building off of each other to see the direction you’re likely to take.
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Why Are Assessments Important?

An assessment test is extremely valuable to the call center and not just for identifying the best candidate to fill an agent position. There are numerous benefits to implementing call center assessment tests pre-hire:

  • Reduction in time-to-hire: an assessment can help a hiring manager zero in more quickly on best matches, cutting time on the interview process and overall hiring process.
  • Reducing turnover: sometimes you’re unaware of a poor match for the call center until after the grace period has ended. Implementing pre-hire assessment tests helps reduce that high cost.
  • Increase productivity: by implementing specific types of assessment tests, you can identify which candidates are likely to be the most productive agents. This creates a pool of efficient agents for your call center. 

How an Assessment Helps a Call Center Representative

One of the top factors in killing office morale is a poor hire, someone that isn’t the right fit for the company’s culture or job skills can quickly drain the team of its positivity and encourage other agents to feel like they’re carrying too much of the work. Assessments can help identify who fits in with the team, encouraging office unity.

Due to hiring assessments quickening the time-to-hire and cutting down on the hiring process altogether, you save candidates time waiting to see if they got the job or not. Assessments are often given at the first round of the hiring process, indicating whether the candidate is on the road to being among your agents or if they should move on. 

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Contact Center Assessments

Cerium contact center assessments uncover new opportunities for revenue, reveal inefficiencies, and remove friction from your customer experience.

Bettering the Contact Center & Call Center Skills Through Assessment

There are several types of assessments a company can choose from, determining the criteria most important to you in order to facilitate a better hiring match. Some companies are hesitant to implement an assessment test, thinking it may scare off potential candidates, but the benefits of having the right agent versus a large file of applicants cannot be overstated.

With Cerium Networks, we provide call center solutions that are personalized across all touchpoints for customers and the agents who assist them. Discover how we implement assessments and bring the benefits of these assessment tests to your company. 

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