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Chat Contact Center

For the contact center leg of business, chatbots and live chat are an expected way to support the customer experience. Some companies are hesitant to add chat support to their websites, thinking it may be a bothersome approach to offering help to their customers, but research would disagree.

Discover how a chat service is an important part of having effective contact center solutions and delivers a positive impact on the customer experience. 

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What is Chat?

Chats are real-time, text-based, digital communication between the contact center agent or call center software and the customer. It’s initiated by the customer, though a pop-up service is usually offered as part of the software, and near instantly connects the customer with agents who can help resolve their issue or answer questions.

Chat is a convenient way for customers to directly connect with agents without experience holding music, and queue lines. Also, an added benefit of chat is giving customers who prefer reading answers rather than listening or writing down what they need to remember from talking with agents. 

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How Chat Delivers Contact Center Solutions

Live chat is quickly becoming recognized as a key to customer satisfaction and conversion. More than 80% of website visitors are likely to become a customer as the ability to learn more about a company’s service or products is at their fingertips rather than needing to search for answers. Live chat also has the highest consumer satisfaction rate out of contact center channels and is becoming the preferred method of digital communication due to the quick responses.

Besides the enhanced customer experience, other benefits of bringing chat software or live chat to your contact center include:

  • Live chat offers an immediate opportunity for customer acquisition and onboarding
  • Chat allows agents to build a better rapport with customers
  • Chat reduces repetition for the customer by giving them a view at what the customer is looking at or has seen on your website
  • Live chat allows for 24/7 support
  • Chat provides data that can inform product decisions 

Live Chat Strategies

It’s important to have a strategy for your chat feature, whether it’s a chat bot or live chat, you need to have goals for your agents to follow. Below are several live chat strategies you can implement with your agents to enhance the contact center:

  • Capture Customer Date First: With phone support, an agent must hear the customer out before giving any solutions in order to understand the problem and obtain the necessary information. Using a chat service, you don’t have to talk with the customer to gain that information due to visitor monitoring windows and pre-chat forms.
  • Use Transcripts: Having web chat gives you the ability to collect transcripts of the exchanges between agents and customers, which you can use as training materials, identify pain points, and send to customers as a record of their solution.
  • Use Surveys In Chat: Capture customer feedback after the conversation to instantly learn about your customer’s experience and how the agent performed.
  • Route Chats: One of the benefits of chats is avoiding burnout among your agents and routing them to the correct agent for the customer. Agents can have multiple chats running, but setting up the software can avoid piling on too many, and having the pre-chat questionnaire helps route customers more effectively.
  • Track Efficiency: Much like phone tracking with your agents, chat has a similar feature to monitor an agent’s performance and understand the factors that can improve their effectiveness.

Why Live Chat Training Matters

Although most of us are accustomed to chatting with other companies and friends on digital platforms, being a live chat agent is very different. It’s important to train your agents effectively and give them the tools to be successful with customers:

  • Familiarize them with the chat platform and tools to capture customer data, as well as to find the information they need quickly.
  • Measure analytics to determine how long it takes for agents to respond to customer queries and base one-on-one training with agents based on real performance data.
  • Give agents collaboration tools to allow agents to rely on one another if they’re in uncharted territory with a customer. These tools can allow them to reach out to other agents in other departments in several ways, from video conferences to an in-company chat. 
IT Support Services

Give Your Customers
Everything They Expect

Artificial Intelligence

With an AI-powered contact center, employees and customers can leverage the latest in AI and machine learning to achieve exactly what is needed in the moment.


Today’s consumer wants to connect using voice, chat, email, text, social, and self-service options. Provide a seamless experience across all devices and touchpoints.

Workforce Optimization

Workforce management (scheduling, forecasting, etc.) and quality management (call/screen recording, surveys & evaluations, etc.).


Chat with prospects and customers for personal, real-time interactions.

Reporting & Analytics

Visibility across all channels to ensure operation at peak performance and make data-driven business decisions.

User Adoption

Ensure a smooth transition and a quicker return on your investment with innovative user adoption strategies.

Integrations & Apps

Extend your contact center tech stack — from CRM integrations to fresh ways to use artificial intelligence and automation.


Give your customers 24/7 self-serve assistance with intelligent automation.

Contact Center Assessments

Cerium contact center assessments uncover new opportunities for revenue, reveal inefficiencies, and remove friction from your customer experience.

Support the Omnichannel
Standard with Chat

By providing chat as a channel in your contact center, you’re approaching the new omnichannel standard expected of customer service. You can increase monitoring of agents and help improve their performance, offer better ways to connect with your customers and benefit from the increased conversion that chat provides businesses.

With Cerium Networks, we provide contact center solutions that are personalized across all touchpoints for customers and the agents who assist them. Discover how we implement chat and bring its benefits to your contact center. 

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