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Discover how artificial intelligence has recreated the human connection with companies and deepened the customer journey via machine deep learning.

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Artificial Intelligence
at the Contact Center

Artificial Intelligence has been weaving its way through many aspects of business and daily life for years. It surprises many people to learn that AI and machine learning have a strong presence in the contact center and that artificial intelligence isn’t relegated to search engines or advanced software in high-tech facilities.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Before we discuss how different artificial intelligence types apply to the contact center, let’s first define exactly what artificial intelligence is. AI is a branch of emerging technologies and while its use in contact centers is newer and still evolving, it has shown to be a promising feature for companies in terms of reducing operational cost, increasing agent efficiency, and personalizing the customer journey.

AI technology is a broad category of software that is able to carry out tasks in a way that mimics human intelligence, in that it can make decisions, recognize speech, plan, adapt to circumstances, make predictions, and solve problems. This ties into machine learning AI as it practically describes the AI software’s ability to adapt to new data and learn it, identify patterns, and make decisions with little human intervention required. Essentially, the AI software is able to learn and interact with customers closely as a human agent would. 

Artificial Intelligence Applications
for the Contact Center

The specific ways a business can use the artificial intelligence applications in their contact center are extensive. Read below to see how AI and machine learning can be implemented to benefit your customer’s experience:

Call Routing

Predictive call routing describes how the artificial intelligence will match customers to the specific call center agents that are best able to handle their issues. This can be based on personality models, skillsets, and expertise by relying on customer behavior profiles that have been programmed into the AI, giving it a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey and their personas.

Chatbots & Conversational AI

Likely the most familiar form of artificial intelligence in customer service, the chatbot or conversational AI, is often used as part of the omnichannel contact center and provides problem-solving on demand while reducing call volume for the agent, relegating simple and repetitive questions to the AI software. 

Call Data

Data collection is an excellent way to improve the customer experience and create a better journey for them. Artificial intelligence can spot trends and access customer data to give insight into whether they are having a positive or negative experience with your contact center. The AI is also able to provide call times, first resolution, and a host of other information that can improve your agents, as well as the customer's experience with your company. 


While artificial intelligence can greatly enhance the customer experience, it's also a powerful tool for training new agents by monitoring in real time. The live monitoring AI can provide corrective actions during training and provide feedback to prevent bad habits from setting into the agents. This allows for quick correction without having to wait till the end of day talks or one-on-one feedback. 

How AI Improves the Customer Experience

By relieving your agents of unnecessary customer interactions, such as simple pay your bill or password resets, and providing data on the customer experience, your contact center is primed to offer a continually positive customer journey that can keep learning how to improve.

With Cerium Networks, we provide contact center solutions that are personalized across all touchpoints for customers and the agents who assist them. Discover how we implement artificial intelligence and bring the benefits of AI machine learning to your contact center. 

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Artificial Intelligence

With an AI-powered contact center, employees and customers can leverage the latest in AI and machine learning to achieve exactly what is needed in the moment.


Today’s consumer wants to connect using voice, chat, email, text, social, and self-service options. Provide a seamless experience across all devices and touchpoints.

Workforce Optimization

Workforce management (scheduling, forecasting, etc.) and quality management (call/screen recording, surveys & evaluations, etc.).


Chat with prospects and customers for personal, real-time interactions.

Reporting & Analytics

Visibility across all channels to ensure operation at peak performance and make data-driven business decisions.

User Adoption

Ensure a smooth transition and a quicker return on your investment with innovative user adoption strategies.

Integrations & Apps

Extend your contact center tech stack — from CRM integrations to fresh ways to use artificial intelligence and automation.


Give your customers 24/7 self-serve assistance with intelligent automation.

Contact Center Assessments

Cerium contact center assessments uncover new opportunities for revenue, reveal inefficiencies, and remove friction from your customer experience.

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