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Contact Center Myth Busters

Welcome to the third season of Cerium’s Myth Busters with a focus on the Contact Center. Join Kate Dougherty, Director of Cerium’s Contact Center Practice, and Hailey Flint, Contact Center Consultant as they debunk some of the most common contact center myths! 

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Omnichannel Myths Debunked

Businesses must be able to meet consumers on their channel of choice if they want to meet customer expectations. Whether it’s chat, voice, SMS, social, or any other channel, creating an omnichannel experience is a must for today’s contact centers.

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Automated Bot Myths Debunked

In the second episode of Contact Center Myth Busters, Hailey and Kate debunk the myth that automated bots are only for chat or social media purposes.

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Contact Center Agent Myths Debunked

In this episode of contact center myth busters, Hailey and Kate clear up misconceptions about the challenges today’s contact center agents face.

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Work from Home Agent Myths Debunked

In 2020, the pandemic sent many contact center agents home to work remotely. It was a good start in creating a flexible, more productive work-life balance for those agents. Today 70% of those agents want to continue working from home.

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Self Service Myths Debunked

In this episode of Contact Center Myth Busters, Kate and Hailey customer service and self-service support. With increasing customer service demands coupled with staffing challenges to meet those demands, many contact centers say that improving self-service tools is their highest priority.

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Messaging Channel Myths Debunked

In episode 6 of Cerium’s Contact Center MythBusters, Kate, and Hailey address the myths concerning the most utilized channel of choice when it comes to customer service. Watch and find out.,….you might be surprised!

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Customer Expectation Myths Debunked

In this final episode of Cerium’s Contact Center Myth Busters, Kate and Hailey discuss what today’s customers expect when they need support from their brands. Is your brand meeting your customer’s expectations? Watch this video to see.

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