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Why Contact Center Analytics Is Critical to Optimizing the Customer Experience

Let there be zero doubt that the customer experience is the top priority for organizations across industry. This is especially true in the contact center, where customers not only want their issues resolved, but also expect to be heard, understood and appreciated.

In the Global Contact Center Survey from Deloitte, 88 percent of respondents said the customer experience is a main driver of contact center growth, compared to just 43 percent who said the growth of the business is a main driver. In other words, organizations are focused on growing their contact centers to improve customer relationships and satisfaction rather than to grow the business.

What Is Contact Center Analytics?

To improve the quality of interactions with customers and overcome the increasing complexity of the contact center, two-thirds of organizations are investing in advanced analytics. Contact center analytics captures data from customer interactions to identify patterns, pinpoint the root cause of problems, monitor and improve agent performance, and optimize the operations of the contact center as a whole.

There are several types of analytics that can be incorporated into a contact center analytics solution. Speech analytics can be used to monitor calls in real time to improve efficiency and make process adjustments that improve outcomes. Text analytics analyzes email, messaging and other text interactions to identify issues from the customer’s perspective. Predictive analytics applies lessons learned from past call volume, handle time, customer satisfaction, and other metrics to prevent future problems, such as insufficient staffing or the inability to resolve specific issues.

Self-service analytics analyzes interactions from self-service channels, such as chatbots, to ensure that customer issues are being resolved. Desktop analytics can be combined with real-time call monitoring tools to analyze agent performance, as well as activity on the agent’s desktop during the call, to reduce redundancies and inefficiency. Cross-channel analytics can tell you which channel a customer is using and customize your service offerings for that channel.

Challenges Faced in Today’s Contact Center

Most organizations are struggling to keep up with ever-increasing customer demands of the contact center while monitoring, integrating, and optimizing multiple channels. Traditionally, organizations react to what happens in the contact center. They might collect data but few can integrate their data and generate reports that provide actionable insights. Data exists in disparate systems that can’t communicate, and the analytics just aren’t there.

The key is to take a proactive approach, using contact center analytics to identify issues in real time or, ideally, predict and prevent those issues from occurring.

Cisco Webex Contact Center

Cisco Webex Contact Center integrates the data from multiple contact center systems and applies predictive analytics to recognize the needs of the customer, improve agent productivity and performance, and boost customer satisfaction and retention.

Cisco Webex Contact Center features the Cisco Customer Journey Analyzer, which provides visibility into the entire customer journey, regardless of channel. View customer interactions, historically and in real time, so you can better understand the customer experience and find new ways to improve it. You can also automate the generation of regular reports so you can focus on higher-value management tasks and improve contact center efficiency.

If your top contact center priority is growing the business rather than improving the customer experience, you could be a few years behind your competition. Let us show you how Cisco Webex Contact Center with Cisco Customer Journey Analyzer helps you use advanced analytics to meet customer expectations.

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