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Network Assessment

Network Readiness Assessments

Stepping Back to Move Forward

Your business needs are constantly evolving and new technologies are emerging at a rapid pace. Keeping up with change can be painful if you don’t have a clear picture of your current network environment. Understanding the intricacies of your network today will help you prepare for whatever may happen tomorrow. At Cerium, we believe in stepping back periodically to evaluate your network environment so you can move forward with confidence.

The right time for a network readiness assessment is before you make key-decisions about acquiring new hardware, software, or services. Cerium network readiness assessments offer more than just a superficial inspection of your current systems and processes. We dig deep to determine the best options for integrating new technologies that can help your organization achieve its objectives. In addition to helping with purchasing decisions, our comprehensive assessments provide recommendations for optimizing your current network and keep it operating at peak efficiency.

Cerium assessment services include:

Wireless Site Survey

Network Assessment

Real-Time Media Network Assessment

Wireless Site Survey

To implement a wireless network with optimal coverage, you need a solid understanding of the radio frequency (RF) behavior on site. A Cerium wireless site survey is the best method for obtaining this information. It will determine whether a wireless network is feasible on your site and will help you determine the best placement for access points, antennas, cabling, etc.

Cerium leverages the Ekahau Site Survey toolkit to design, analyze, and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks. In addition to accurately designing high-capacity Wi-Fi networks, our surveys deliver a comprehensive validation of Wi-Fi network coverage and performance. A Cerium wireless site survey will identify coverage holes, interference issues, roaming problems and performance bottlenecks from your Wi-Fi network.

Cerium performs three types of wireless site surveys:
  • Passive Surveys: Surveys performed to identify rogues, locate RF trouble zones, and validate final RF settings.
  • Active Surveys: Surveys commonly used for new WLAN deployments because they provide the most network design details.
  • Predictive Surveys: Surveys that use information about the coverage area to perform access point placements based on RF algorithms. The best time to incorporate a predictive survey is before the deployment environment is built.
Network Assessment

Cerium’s offers a comprehensive assessment of your network architecture and devices such as routers, firewalls, IPS, etc. This assessment does not cover applications, servers, operating systems, etc. Our network assessments include:

  • A network discovery and inventory to determine what devices are on the network
  • Analysis of the network devices to identify devices that are obsolete or need to be upgraded
  • Performance assessment to identify bottlenecks, TCP issues, etc.
  • Architecture review, for example, to eliminate single points of failure
  • Network devices security assessment for compliant configuration, bugs, vulnerabilities, etc.
Real-Time Media Network Assessment

Cerium leverages Nectar Perspective, the industry-leading network pre-assessment tool, to simulate voice traffic and determine possible pain points causing jitter, latency, loss of quality of service. Nectar Perspective provides access to actionable performance information so issues can be quickly identified and remediated. A Cerium real-time media network assessment is essential for ensuring the best possible experience for your users from your UC and collaboration solutions.

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