We Get It!

Asking a question or getting technical advice is sometimes all you need.  Maybe you just want to bounce ideas off of someone. You don’t want to submit a support ticket or a purchase order, you just want to speak to an expert for some sound advice.  

Introducing CeriumCONNECT   

We have made it simpler than ever for you to talk with any member of our fantastic team, from engineers to solution architects to specialists. You can ask an expert resource to connect with you and respond to your inquiries by merely contacting CeriumCONNECT. Within one business day, they will respond. 

What’s the Catch? 

There is no catch!  In our relentless commitment to our client’s success, Cerium strives to make our partnership with our clients as effortless as possible.

Connect with CeriumCONNECT:

  • Call: 877-4Cerium  (#2) 
  • Email: Connect@ceriumnetworks.com
  • Fill out the form below

CeriumCONNECT Submission Form

For Emergency Support call: (877) 423-7486
For other support requests or to access your Cerium 1463° portal click here