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Cisco Customer Experience.

Cerium Networks Achieves Cisco Specialized Customer Experience Partner Designation

Cisco, the worldwide leader in unified communication, networking, and cybersecurity solutions, recently named Cerium Networks, a Specialized Customer Experience Partner. The Customer Experience Specialization is an exclusive Cisco program recognizing the skills and expertise their channel partners demonstrate leading a successful customer experience practice.

To achieve the Customer Experience Specialization designation, Cerium exceeded Cisco’s stringent requirements for identifying and delivering unsurpassed client experiences throughout the entire lifecycle of the solutions we deliver. This specialization opens new opportunities for Cerium to develop the resources and skills required to continue building a customer experience practice centered on the customer lifecycle.

The growing complexity and interconnectedness of modern technology underscore the importance of having a knowledgeable strategic technology partner that understands your business goals and the challenges you face achieving those goals. Cerium’s unwavering commitment to create value and positively impact business outcomes ensures that our clients are getting the highest returns from their technology investments. Earning the Customer Experience Specialization supports Cerium’s vision of staying relevant for our clients as they navigate their digital transformation journeys.

According to Roger Junkermier, President and CEO of Cerium Networks, “Over this past year, Cerium has been very focused on the development of our Client Engagement Lifecycle methodologies. The importance of understanding our client’s business outcome requirements of the solutions we provide, coupled with assuring that the end-users are adopting the technology into their everyday work life has never been greater. Obtaining the Cisco Customer Experience Specialization is validation that Cerium has developed the necessary methodologies and that we are on the right trajectory to deliver to our clients a comprehensive and influential technology experience.

Cerium is a Cisco Gold Certified Partner with several partner specializations that reflect our depth of skills across Cisco’s wide range of technologies and architectures. In addition to our Cisco Customer Experience Specialization, Cerium holds Cisco Master Specializations in Security and Collaboration, as well as Cisco Advanced Specializations in Collaboration Architecture, Data Center Architecture, along with many other Cisco credentials.

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