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Cisco Data Center

Cisco Data Center Offerings

Cisco Data Center is making it Easier to Ramp Up and Support your New Remote Workers

Cisco is providing a set of data center offerings that will help customers manage and rapidly expand their virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) including a new, pre-configured HyperFlex bundle with prioritized shipping, and free Intersight management for 180 days.  For many companies, supporting the increasing demand for remote workers while minimizing disruption will require the addition or rapid expansion of existing compute infrastructure. To help, Cisco is releasing special HyperFlex (HX) pre-configured VDI bundles with prioritized* 2 week lead times.


This Cisco architecture for a quick start 500-seat VDI configuration is now available and includes:

  • Three Cisco HyperFlex HXAF220-M5SX All-Flash nodes
  • One Cisco HyperFlex HX-C220-M5SX Compute-only node
  • A pair of Cisco’s 4th-generation fabric interconnects

Preconfigured HXAF220-M5SX and HX-C220-M5SX expansion nodes are also available for existing HX environments. These offers will be available globally from now until July 31, 2020.

Cisco’s VDI ecosystem partners, Citrix and VMware have their own quick start user license bundles that can be used together with the HyperFlex infrastructure.

Additionally, to help IT teams monitor and manage their infrastructure anywhere, anytime, Cisco is augmenting the VDI bundle with a 180-day free trial of their Cisco Intersight Essentials edition. Cisco Intersight is a cloud-based SaaS tool that lets you manage all your HyperFlex and UCS devices from anywhere through a single pane of glass. Cisco Intersight enables real-time monitoring, proactive intelligence, and connected support (Connected TAC). The Essentials edition provides you even more exclusive features and access to the Intersight mobile app on iOS and Android.

Call your Cerium account team today to get started.

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