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How to Choose the Right Enterprise Mobility Management Platform

In our previous post, we discussed why enterprise mobility management (EMM) is now a critical component of today’s IT toolset. EMM provides a holistic framework for monitoring, managing and controlling endpoint devices. It gives IT greater visibility into all the devices that connect to the network to enhance security and the user experience.

For several years, the EMM market was relatively quiet. However, the widespread shift to remote and hybrid work models has made EMM more relevant than ever. More organizations are looking to implement EMM, and vendors are coming to market with new and updated solutions.

How do you choose the right EMM platform for your organization? At Cerium, we help customers evaluate products against their needs, objectives and existing IT infrastructure. Here are three industry-leading EMM solutions we recommend.

Cisco Meraki System Manager

Cisco Meraki System Manager features advanced endpoint protection that is natively integrated with Meraki network security and Cisco Duo identity authentication. It provides the foundation for a zero trust security model, along with real-time network monitoring and remote remediation of threats. Context-aware security helps identify advanced threats while providing users with a seamless experience both on and off the network.

Administrators can manage Windows, iOS and Chrome devices from a single interface, and deploy changes across thousands of devices with just a few clicks. Automated onboarding, device categorization, configuration and identity mapping streamline administration and ensure consistent policy enforcement throughout the enterprise.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) is a unified management platform that enables workers to be productive from anywhere while keeping corporate data protected. MEM is part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) suite, combining familiar Microsoft 365 services such as Intune, Configuration Manager, Desktop Analytics and Windows Autopilot. Organizations can maximize the value of their Microsoft 365 investments with features that protect corporate data and assets while ensuring user privacy.

These capabilities are delivered through a cloud-based platform that helps secure access and manage risk while enhancing the modern worker experience. MEM supports zero-touch provisioning, making it easy for administrators to deploy and manage all endpoints. Zero-trust security controls and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint enable robust protection against endpoint threats.

VMware Workspace One Unified Endpoint Management

VMware Workspace One Unified Endpoint Management goes beyond EMM to provide full lifecycle management of any endpoint, including wearables and IoT devices as well as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It supports a wide range of operating systems and platforms and includes a robust API framework for integrating enterprise systems, services, applications, content and identity stores.

Simple onboarding of new applications and employees along with one-touch mobile single sign-on enables “consumer simple” access to resources. The solution also includes a personalized enterprise app store where end-users can subscribe to company-approved apps.

Workspace One with Carbon Black takes a zero trust approach to security, with multifactor authentication and risk-based conditional access. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) and next-gen antivirus reduce the risk of endpoint threats.

How Cerium Can Help

Cerium has EMM experts who have helped customers in a wide range of industries gain greater control over growing numbers of endpoints. We have implemented these solutions in real-world environments and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

We start with a thorough assessment of your environment, IT skillsets and operational processes. This allows us to recommend a platform that will enhance your security posture and increase the efficiency of your IT team.

EMM is an essential tool for managing the proliferation of endpoint devices. Let Cerium help you select the right EMM platform for your business and IT needs.

Learn More

Which enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution is right for your organization? A lot depends upon your business needs and objectives, existing environment and IT skillsets. Let Cerium help you identify your requirements and select a solution that enhances security and productivity.

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