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Monthly Technology Insights from the Cerium Networks Team

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January 2019

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Featured Articles:

  • Cisco AMP Continuous Monitoring

  • Reduce Complexity and Increase Network Automation

  • Centralized Policy Management & Granular Controls Essential for BYOD

  • Cerium Expands into Utah

  • Avaya: Are You Obsessed With Digital Customer Experience?

  • WatchGuard Secplicity: BGP Hijacking In a Nutshell
  • Mountain Rose Herbs Goes Green

December 2018

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Featured Articles:

  • Top Five Cybersecurity Headlines from 2018

  • Why Next-Gen Endpoint Protection Has Become an Essential Security Tool

  • Reduce Password Overload with Password Managers

  • Avaya: Wait…Don’t go…Can I call you back instead?

  • Cisco: Nearly every threat is either on an endpoint, or it’s headed there.

  • WatchGuard: 2019 Security Predictions
  • US Digital Modernizes Their Data Center with VxRail Hyperconverged Technology

November 2018

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Featured Articles:

  • Why Hyper-Convergence Is a Better Approach to Data Center Design

  • Confused by the IEEE 802.11 Naming Conventions?

  • Planning for New Technologies? 3 Critical Aspects to Consider

  • Integrated Backup Appliances Help Relieve Data Protection Challenges

  • Why You Need SIEM to Make Your Security Tools More Effective

  • Avaya: Four Ways to Better Align IT and LOB for Digital Transformation Success

  • WatchGuard: Do You Know Which Multi-Factor Authentication Methods are Insecure?

  • Cisco: Using Threat Intelligence Effectively in Security Automation and Orchestration.

August 2018

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Featured Articles:

  • Cisco Tetration: Enabling Zero-Trust Operations
  • Is Your Phone System Compliant with Kari’s Law 911 Requirements?
  • Using TLS Encryption to Secure your Unified Communications
  • Cisco Talos – The Intelligence Behind Cisco’s Security Offerings
  • How Covr Enhanced Customer Engagement with Cisco UC and Enghouse Interactive Call Center.
  • Dell EMC: Top Five Reasons Why Customers Choose VxRail
  • Cisco: Security Automation—Putting the odds ever in your favor.
  • Avaya: Combining Humans & AI
July 2018

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Featured Articles:

  • Prevent Zombie VMs from Terrorizing Your Data Center
  • Sharing Cybersecurity Information
  • Protect Yourself from a Business Email Compromise
  • Cisco Fire and Ice
  • WSIPC and Cerium bring Web Filtering Solutions to K-12 Schools
  • How San Juan County and Cerium worked together to implement Skype for Business just in the nick of time.
  • Dell EMC: Server Infrastructure Security: Just How Valuable is It?
  • Cisco: Redefining Data Center Security
  • Avaya: #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay
June 2018

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Featured Articles:

  • Protecting Your System from Zero-Footprint Cyber-Attacks
  • Ray Hall represents Cerium Customers on the Dell EMC Modern Data Center Advisory Board
  • Migrating from CallPilot to Officelinx
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing
  • Spokane County Fair & Expo Center Wireless Upgrade
  • Dell EMC: Three Ways to Declutter Your Data Center
  • Cisco: The Network is Open for Business
  • Avaya: Your Digital Transformation Journey
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