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An Inside Look at Cerium’s Cybersecurity Strategy

How Cerium safeguards customers, data, employees and our business

Security is a major focus at Cerium Networks. It is woven into the fabric of our company culture and integrated into our day-to-day thinking and decision-making. Our security-focused culture not only impacts our daily procedures but also influences the solutions and services we deliver to our clients. We employ sophisticated strategies, state-of-the-art technologies, and industry-leading best practices to ensure our sensitive information and mission-critical systems are well protected. From strong user passwords and multi-factor authentication to network segmentation, zero trust architecture, and secure data encryption, Cerium is serious about keeping our environment safe from both physical and cyber threats.

Ongoing, Proactive Security

Security is an ongoing concern at Cerium, not a once-a-year event. We consider our comprehensive security programs a journey, not a destination. We go beyond traditional point-in-time methodologies with ongoing and integrated detection and response capabilities that help us guard against and proactively respond to evolving threats. Continuously evaluating the ever-changing security landscape, helps us identify gaps in our security practices and relentlessly strengthen our security posture and incident response capabilities.

Awareness Training

At Cerium, we believe that security is everyone’s responsibility, not just the IT team. Our security awareness and education programs provide regular training that ensures all our employees understand their role mitigating existing risks, identifying future risks, and properly reporting suspicious activities. Featuring interactive training and periodic refresher courses that reinforce appropriate steps to take when faced with security risks, Cerium security awareness training helps all our employees identify threats and deal with them proactively.

Incident Response Policies

In addition to continuously strengthening our security posture, Cerium Networks has established concrete incident response policies and procedures in the event a significant attack or data breach occurs. Our proven methods and documented procedures empower us to respond quickly and effectively to attacks, minimize the impact of a breach, and recover rapidly.

We only sell what we believe in

Security is integral to all the solutions we deliver. We believe that helping our clients strengthen their cybersecurity defenses begins at home. If a solution is good enough for our clients, it is good enough for Cerium to use to protect our mission-critical systems and data. We validate the capabilities, quality, cost-effectiveness of the solutions we sell by using them. The lessons we learn protecting Cerium from bad actors help us refine deployment and operation strategies and shape solutions we design and deliver to our clients.

Risk Assessments & Security Audits

Like most organizations with valuable or sensitive data and mission-critical systems, Cerium Networks goes through periodic security risk assessments and audits performed by independent professionals. Independent assessments and audits help us identify gaps and potential vulnerabilities in our security posture. They help us evaluate the adequacy of our system controls and provide assurance that we are conforming to our established policies and operational procedures. Proactively conducting periodic risk assessments enables us to identify, rate, and prioritize risks, and adjust our policies and processes to address issues before they can be exploited.

Greg Palmberg, Cerium Networks’ Director of IT and DevOps, explains, “Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving and growing more sophisticated. Continuously monitoring the threat landscape and frequently assessing our security posture to identify and remediate vulnerabilities keeps us on our toes. Our proactive approach to cybersecurity includes ongoing self-testing and self-assessment, staying current with industry standards, adhering to the latest best practices, and maintaining a heightened awareness of new emerging threats.”

Are you ready for an independent evaluation of your security posture? Don’t wait for an incident to occur before you act; identify vulnerabilities before they can impact your organization. Cerium Networks security experts can help you identify risks and manage them effectively. If you need a trusted advisor to help your organization prepare for the unexpected, contact Cerium to learn about the full range of security assessments we offer to keep your systems safe and your assets protected.

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