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video conferencing

Video Conferencing Beyond the Board Room

It wasn’t that long ago when video conferencing was considered a luxury, reserved only for board meetings and top senior executives at large enterprises. Expensive hardware was permanently installed in the board room and all connections were wired to ensure reliable video transmissions.

Today, video is becoming a central component of collaboration. You can still install dedicated equipment in board rooms and large auditoriums, but you can also deploy cloud-based software on virtually any desktop or mobile device.

Using built-in cameras and microphones and a video conferencing application, any user at any level of an organization can use video to meet with clients and co-workers, provide employee training, and deliver presentations to audiences of any size. Any room where small groups of employees gather can be turned into a video conference room with high-definition video and audio.

The Business Value of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing keeps remote workers more engaged. Training and presentations are more memorable and impactful. Face-to-face meetings with geographically dispersed teams, business partners and vendors can be held more frequently without the delay and high cost of complex travel arrangements. You can create or join a meeting with a few clicks or taps.

Thanks to video conferencing, decisions are made faster. New products and services are rolled out faster. You build deeper internal and external relationships. And you don’t have to compromise the visual component of communication as you would with a traditional audio conference call.

How to Get the Most from Video Conferencing

The key to effective video conferencing is providing a consistent user experience across all applications and facilities. Do you have the bandwidth and connectivity infrastructure to support high-quality, real-time video? Do you have the network visibility required to troubleshoot and correct issues that cause a poor user experience?

Integrating video with other communication and collaboration tools into a unified solution will help you maximize the value and efficiency of your video conferences. Integration with voice, instant messaging, team chat, file-sharing and screen-sharing tools, smart boards, and web conferencing applications allows you to keep everyone on the same page. You’ll have a single source of all information, interactions and resources related to your video conference, which simplifies follow up and reduces back-and-forth emailing.

Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings makes video conferencing simple and seamless, no matter where meeting participants are. Using the Webex mobile app, you can host or join a meeting in a matter of seconds, find out about each participant’s background and company, and privately or publicly message individuals or groups. Customize the video layout, share your screen, applications or files, and have the meeting recorded and automatically transcribed.

With Cisco Webex Meetings you can meet with up to 100,000 people, with no dialing in. Host interactive webinars with Cisco Web Events, host large-scale virtual events with Cisco Webex Webcasting, and lead live or on-demand training with Cisco Webex Training.

Video conferencing is quickly moving from the C-suite to day-to-day business activities. Let us show you how to leverage Cisco Webex Meetings to incorporate video conferencing into routine meetings, connect with customers, and make training more effective.

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