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Run VMware workloads natively on Azure

Does your digital transformation strategy include moving workloads to the cloud or building new capabilities within the cloud fabric? Are you interested in exploring solutions that offer the control and security of your on-premises VMware environment combined with the agility, flexibility, and low cost of Microsoft Azure? Microsoft and VMware are making it easier for organizations to migrate, run, and manage existing VMware workloads from on-premises environments to Azure and continue using the VMware server management software and tools they rely on today. The two tech giants recently announced they are expanding their partnership to deliver natively supported and certified VMware cloud infrastructure on Azure.

The common framework, dubbed Azure VMware Solutions, enables users to seamlessly, migrate, extend, and run their existing VMware workloads from on-premises environments to Azure without the effort and cost of refactoring applications or retooling operations. Azure VMware Solutions are delivered by Microsoft and verified by VMware to run on Azure infrastructure. This enhanced VMware and Azure partnership enables organizations to continue managing their existing environments with the same VMware tools they already know while modernizing their data center with Azure native services.

According to Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware, “Customers are excited to see us expand our collaboration with Microsoft. These innovative cloud and client offerings will deliver customers even more value, provide more flexibility to accelerate their hybrid multi-cloud and multi-device journey, and accelerate the digital transformation of their business.

With Azure VMware Solutions, current VMware users can capitalize on their existing skills and tools investments in VMware vSphere, vSAN, NSX, and vCenter while leveraging the performance and scale of Azure. It enables organizations to tap into Azure’s massive scale, security, and fast provisioning cycles to innovate and modernize while improving performance for common cloud-scenarios, such as extending your data center, business continuity, disaster recovery, and collaborative application development.

Microsoft and VMware are also partnering on initiatives to enhance the integration between VMware and Azure. For example, tighter integration of VMware NSX with Azure Networking and integrating Azure services into VMware management solutions. The two companies are also working together to make Azure services available to VMware on-premises environments.

If you have strategic investments in VMware and you are ready to start exploring a move to Azure, Cerium is here to help. As a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Productivity, a Dell Technologies Gold Partner, and a VMware Enterprise Partner, Cerium has the expertise to map your strategic goals to tangible solutions that will accelerate your journey to the cloud. Our Data Center Team has years of hands-on experience working with our clients to assess the current state of their data center and define optimal cloud adoption strategies. Our comprehensive approach to cloud adoption ensures you will realize the benefits of moving to Azure faster and with less risk. From performance and availability to compliance and security, Cerium can help you achieve your data center objectives while maximizing the return on your investments.

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