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Avaya Extends Support for Early Releases of CS1000 and Meridian 1

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Just a few short weeks after announcing End-of-Sales for the latest version (7.6) of Nortel/Avaya Communications Server 1000 (CS1000), Avaya announced that it is extending support for selected earlier Nortel versions of CS1000. End of Services support is being deferred for Meridian x1C systems and associated materials indefinitely.

Avaya announced the End of Sale date for Meridian x1C systems back in 2010, which started their support lifecycle clock ticking. However, now Avaya is extending Remote Only Support for early releases indefinitely, effective December 31, 2016. Avaya will continue to honor all current support contracts through their expiration. When it is time to renew, customers who have Parts Coverage Support will have the option of moving to Remote Only Support for continued coverage.

While the CS1000 remains a fully supported product, Avaya has announced Release 7.6 will be the final feature release (CS1000 ver. 7.6 End-of-Life Timeline). They will continue to provide standard, albeit declining, Avaya Lifecycle Support through June 1, 2024, and Avaya will continue to issue Service Packs, as it has on a regular basis over the past several years.

Many Nortel Meridian 1 and Avaya CS1000 owners are extremely loyal to the platform and they aren’t ready to give them up. So, this looks like a bid by Avaya to keep their Meridian/CS1000 user base and give owners additional time to consider a path for going forward. Additionally, when they are ready to make the move, Avaya’s Loyalty2gether program provides a comprehensive CS1000 upgrade program that offers some of their most aggressive promotions ever. Loyal2gether promotions deliver significant hard dollar savings and provide everything you need to move beyond your CS1000.

Confused by all the support options for your Meridian 1 Nortel/Avaya CS1000, CallPilot, Contact Center/Symposium, Norstar, or Business Communication Manager (BCM) systems? Contact one of our Nortel experts for a free consultation. Cerium has decades of experience supporting Nortel hardware and software. And when you are ready to upgrade or replace your Nortel system, Cerium can help you sort out your options and develop a plan for migrating to a feature-rich, cost-effective solution with minimal disruption.



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