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Pairing Avaya Aura (the flagship UC solution from the global leader in the world of communication) with VxRail (the only fully integrated, preconfigured, and pre-tested VMware hyper-converged infrastructure appliance family on the market) is a winning combination.


Avaya Aura Virtualized Environment

The Aura platform is comprised of many individual services and applications that perform a variety of functions from SIP routing to unified messaging and presence services. Avaya components can be deployed in different combinations and sizes tailored to an organization’s unified communications needs. To alleviate the need for deploying a physical server for each Aura application and requiring additional physical servers for scale and redundancy, Avaya created the Avaya Aura Virtualized Environment. With Avaya Aura Virtual Environment, the full suite of Aura services and applications can easily be deployed on VM’s with minimal datacenter footprint.


VxRail – Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for Your Private Cloud

VxRail, Dell EMC’s, hyper-converged infrastructure combines storage and compute resources into a single, integrated appliance. VxRail’s sophisticated technology provides the manageability and performance benefits of hyper-converged infrastructure without the challenges commonly associated with similar technologies. VxRail is built on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors offer configure-to-order platforms that deliver data services, resiliency, and QoS, enabling faster, better, and simplified delivery of real-time communication and business-critical applications. VxRail appliances provide the performance, reliability, and flexibility for addressing a wide range of workloads, with full lifecycle management from a single point of support.


Deploying Avaya Aura on VxRail

Avaya Aura Virtual Environment is specifically designed to integrate real-time Aura applications with VMware virtualized server architecture. VxRail is fully integrated with VMware vSAN and is preconfigured and pre-tested to provide seamless VMware experiences making it the ideal platform for hosting Avaya Aura Virtual Environment deployments. VxRail’ hyper-converged infrastructure is well suited to support for the most demanding workloads Avaya Aura can dish out. It simplifies the delivery of real-time communication services without the cost and complexity of SAN and NAS systems.

VxRail’s flexibility simplifies deploying and scaling Avaya Aura in multiple deployment models. VxRail can be sized and configured to meet the performance, capacity, and fault tolerance requirements for each of the Aura components based on the number of devices it will support.


Benefits of Avaya Aura on VxRail

Avaya Customer Experience Virtualized Environment deployed in a VxRail hyper-converged environment provides a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Lower Implementation and Operation Costs: Aura on VxRail requires fewer physical servers than a traditional deployment. Fewer servers and racks reduce your infrastructure footprint, which cuts power consumption and cooling requirements and lowers operational expenses.
  • Improved Performance: VxRail features NVMe cache drive options to enhance performance with dramatically lower latency and higher performance. VxRail’s Intel Xeon scalable processors support up to 1.5TB of RAM per CPU socket for 2x more memory. It also features NVIDIA Tesla P40 GPU accelerators that provide 2x performance.
  • Resilience: VxRail supports Fault Domains for enhanced resiliency to minimize VM downtime and maintain the availability of your Aura deployment in the event of a rack failure.
  • Scale Up or Down Easily and Quickly: VxRail’s agile building block approach enables expansion one node at a time.
  • Simplified Management: Managed through the well-known VMware vCenter Server, VxRail Appliances provide a familiar experience.
  • Full Stack Upgrades: VxRail offers one-click upgrades for the entire stack including NIC, Disc, Hypervisor, and VSAN.
  • Single Point of Contact: Dell EMC VxRail Appliances are backed by Dell EMC’s world-class support with a single point of contact for both hardware and software.


Why Cerium?

Looking for a partner to help you virtualize and hyper-converge you unified communications solution? Cerium is an Avaya Diamond Certified Partner in Customer Excellence and Solutions Expert in Enterprise & Midmarket Unified Communications, Enterprise Contact Center, and Networking. Cerium is also a Dell EMC Authorized Partner in Storage & Data Protection and Flash & Data Service. As one of only a handful of solution providers with expertise spanning both Avaya Aura and VxRail, Cerium is uniquely qualified to help you migrate to a virtualized unified communication solution in a hyper-converged environment.

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