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Are Managed Services Right for My Business?

If you’re here asking that question, chances are the answer is yes.

As business leaders, most of us are facing complex business challenges including hiring the right talent, reduced capital budgets, investing in the appropriate technology, and ever-growing cybersecurity concerns.

Cerium is uniquely positioned to help our clients further navigate these challenges with our approach to managed services.  We take a methodical and proactive approach to how we manage our client’s network and IT infrastructure.  We look to be an extension to our client’s business rather than just a third-party vendor.

As the term suggests, proactive services prevent network and infrastructure issues by maintaining hardware and software, monitoring all devices, identifying potential problems, and addressing them before they begin to cause widespread impact across an organization.

Many MSPs do not view their clients holistically like this.  Instead, they offer remote monitoring, reactive support, and an outsourced help desk. That isn’t managed services, it is break-fix IT on a payment schedule.

 Here is what Scott Hawkes – Director of Managed Services had to say about Cerium’s approach: 

“We partner with our client’s IT support objectives on a proactive basis, with defined processes and functions intended to improve operations and cut expenses. We look to understand and focus on the defined business service as a whole, instead of a singular device for correct and timely action to the critical and important nature of each service.   

My team focuses on creating efficiencies, building out a reliable network, and taking other proactive measures to remediate and gain optimal efficiency and productivity, as well as to prevent any downtime scenarios occurring and manage system maintenance timeframes before they become issues and cause business derogation.”

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