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More than Meetings: 8 Innovative Use Cases for Video Conferencing

Video communication has reached near-universal acceptance, with one recent study finding that approximately one in three people take part in a video conversation at least once a week. In addition, Cisco’s Visual Networking Index predicts that video is on pace to account for 82 percent of all Internet traffic by 2022.

While increased consumer use is driving a good deal of the growth, video has also become a mainstream form of business communication. As the workforce becomes more mobile and distributed, video conferencing has become essential for collaboration among scattered users by allowing them to see, hear and speak to each other from anywhere on just about any device.

The business case for video conferencing is well established — it reduces travel costs, improves communication and promote stronger business relationships. According to Gartner, such benefits have become more pronounced with the development of simple and agile cloud-based platforms as alternatives to conventional large-scale, hardware-based solutions.

However, video meetings with clients or colleagues aren’t the only businesses uses for video. Organizations are leveraging their video conferencing platforms in a variety of ways to increase efficiency, boost productivity and reduce costs. Here are eight noteworthy use cases:

Human resources and recruiting. Using live video to conduct interviews reduces travel costs and allows organizations to cast a wider net for qualified candidates. According to research from Aberdeen, video conferencing reduces per-hire costs by 32 percent. Video is also a powerful tool for new employee on-boarding, orientation and training.

Technical support. A video-enabled help desk can help IT staff quickly address problems whether the user is down the hall or across the country. Video can allow technicians to see exactly what’s happening on the other end, leading to more accurate diagnosis and faster time to resolution.

Access to expertise. Video conferencing makes it easy to bring in subject matter experts from around the globe to help develop new products, improve processes, conduct training or launch sales campaigns.

Digital signage. A solid video conferencing platform enables a range of digital signage uses such as delivering advertising messages at the point of purchase, communicating with staff, greeting visitors and providing directions in large, public spaces.

Live event streaming. Many companies use their video conferencing solution to live stream events such as all-hands meetings, product seminars, webcasts and town hall meetings to organization-wide audiences. You can make such events even more engaging by allowing Q&A sessions, announcements or opinion polls.

Customer service. Live video capabilities can help your customer support professionals troubleshoot issues in real time. Adding this “human touch” can increase customer satisfaction and boost brand loyalty. Mobile video capabilities are particularly useful for skilled tradesmen such as carpenters, plumbers and electricians who can provide remote advice and troubleshooting from a mobile device.

Remote inspections. Any business that involves installing or inspecting products can benefit from the ability to see live video of the customer site. Insurance companies are increasingly using live video to conduct remote inspections of property damage and to conduct multiparty claim reviews.

Supply chain management. In a global economy, many companies are now managing supply chains that cross international borders. Video conferencing enables face-to-face communication with partners and allows you to see work in progress at distant production facilities. Live video also enables inspections for quality control purposes.

Video conferencing is no longer simply a technology for cutting travel expenses. It is now clear that video delivers a wide range of benefits with dozens of compelling use cases in almost all industries. Cerium’s collaboration and conferencing experts are well-versed in these technologies and can help you identify ways your company can leverage video to boost productivity, innovation and profits.

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