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5 Signs You aren’t Maximizing the Returns on Your Collaboration Investment

Is your organization experiencing one or more of these signs in the aftermath of a collaboration implementation?

1) Your IT ticket counts are high: A high percentage of tickets deal with end-user questions, not technical issues. Your IT staff is spending unnecessary time working one-on-one with users showing them how to use the tools, pulling them away from other critical activities, and forcing them to fill in as “trainers.”

2) Instances of shadow IT have increased: End-user frustration with existing tools has them looking for other tools to complete their work. Even though the existing platform can meet end-users’ needs, they simply have a knowledge gap that needs to be remediated.

3) Survey results are repeatedly negative: Employee feedback from engagement surveys indicates widespread dissatisfaction with the tools.

4) You hear users saying, “I wish we were still using the old system”: Your collaboration tools are drastically more complex than previous iterations causing end-users to feel overwhelmed by the new tools.

5) Utilization data is flat or trending downwards: After an initial spike, utilization rates leveled out quickly or began to drop, indicating end-users haven’t bought in to the new technology.

You can’t maximize the return on your collaboration technology investments if your users aren’t fully leveraging the value of the tools. It may be time to evaluate your adoption strategy. Reach out to a Cerium Adoption Expert today to help you get back on track to achieve ROI faster and with limited disruptions.

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